b'Volunteers HelpPreserve OurHistoric Green SpacesYou can thank the Maplewood Memorial Park Conservancy BY ADRIANNA DONATE ach day people stroll through and enjoy the pristine naturalMaplewoods back yard.beauty of Memorial Park. The Memorial Day Duck Race, JulyMemorial Park was designed in the 1920s and dedicated in 1931. It was cre-Fourth, Maplewood Green Day, and Maplewoodstock are allated in the Picturesque Stylea style meant to mimic a natural landscapeand celebrated at Memorial Park. It is 25 acres of dependable beautyis listed in the National and New Jersey Registers of Historic Places. It was care-just off Maplewoods downtown. The space is unpretentious,fully planned to spotlight contrasting textures, tints of lush foliage, long views but it took a lot of planning to create this peaceful spot. And itand broad meadow areas. Instead of having a geometric, meticulously pruned takes a lot of work to maintain a park in the middle of our busylook like youd find in a formal English garden, Memorial Park was designed to town.be a natural refuge.Lucky for us, Memorial Park has a small, dedicated group of volunteers whoThe noted landscape architect firm Brinley & Holbrook collaborated with help keep it in shape. The energetic and knowledgeable Maplewood Memorialthe world-famous Olmsted Brothers to bring Memorial Park to life. Park Conservancy works year round to keep our park thriving and clean. TheyBrinley & Holbrook is well known locally for designing the Morristown do it because, as Conservancy chair Deborah Lyons puts it, Memorial Park isGreen and internationally for its work on the New York Botanical Gardens. 16/ matters magazine / hearth & home 2021'