b"MUSIC RESOURCES FROM MARK MURPHYIt is a very exciting time to be a musician. The practice and creative tools are end-less. Here are some suggestions to help make practice more creative and inter-esting as well as tools to spark imagination, creativity and collaboration. To find websites for each resource, go tomattersmagazine.com. PRACTICE CREATINGMETRONOME: An essential and primary practice tool ofAPPLE GARAGE BAND: A fully equipped music creation any musician. Many free and paid versions can be foundstudio right inside your Mac computer, iPad or iPhone, online. We like the version from Metronomics. and its free. Its a nice way for a student to start experi-menting with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).DRUM GENIUS: An encyclopedia of drum grooves in many different styles (primarily jazz). Works like a metro- LOGIC PRO X: This is the big brother of Apple Garage nome, but instead of playing to a click you are playing toBand. It's a professional DAW and a really intuitive cre-a drum groove. ative tool that is found in many recording studios around the world. MMM runs Logic Pro X at its studio.FUNK BOX: If you love drum machines from the '70s and '80s, this is an amazing practice tool. It turns the clickPRO TOOLS: Another professional DAW like Logic Pro X into your favorite sound of retro drum machine.that is found in recording studios around the world.TIME GURU: A metronome app for intermediate toSOUNDTRAP: An easy to use DAW owned by Spotify that advanced students with a lot of unique features. One ofallows musicians to remotely collaborate in a cloud-based them is that it will randomly leave out beats, which forcessystem. a musicians internal sense of time to strengthen. This is for musicians who really want to work on developing their time. VIDEO FOR LESSONS/COLLABORATION ACAPELLA: An easy to use video app that allows a musi-ANYTUNE: This app allows you to upload a song thatcian to create multi-frame collage videos. Effective for you are working on and loop specific sections, so you cansingers who want to record harmonies or for instrumen-practice a tricky passage of a song. You can also changetalists who want to lay down multiple parts to a song.the key of the song. This is a wonderful feature for singers who are practicing the song in a different key. If you optThere are some good options for video conferencing: for Anytune + it offers you ReFrame so you can isolateZoom, Facetime, Skype, and more. We like Zoom.and mute vocals or instruments within the song and prac-tice your instrument part or vocal along with the song (without the original part). AMAZING SLOW DOWNER: Similar to Anytune. Allows you to change tempo of a song as well as the key. Great practice tool. VOCAL EXTRACTOR: A great isolation tool for singers. You can isolate the vocal from the track to hear the sing-ers clear phrasing. Then you can remove the original vocal from the track so you can sing along to the original recording (without the original singer).EROL SINGERS STUDIO: A thorough app for those who want to supplement their voice practice/lessons.GUITAR TUNER: A solid free version is GuitarTuna. A more accurate paid tuner is iStroboSoft.feature story /33"