b'Toy TesterWhen my mom takes me to Sparkhouse Toys, I head straight to the stuffed animals. Next, I check out the new games. But my favorite place in the store is the counter because there are so many awesome little toys to play with. Theres the windup dog, the balanc-ing eagle, Poplings, even Pokmon cards. When I try a mood ring on, it turns purple. That means Im very happy, which is always my mood at Sparkhouse!Michael Casaren, Sparkhouse Toys9 Village Plaza, South Orange973-821-5227sparkhousellc@gmail.comConstruction EngineerId like to have a tree house in my backyard, but first Im building a model at Oh! Canary. When Im finished it will be the coolest tree house ever built. It has a slide, a ball pit AND a tire swing!Lacey Buccellato, Oh! Canary165B Valley Street, South Orange973-307-7401ohcanary.comFriendship AmbassadorOne of the best things about VTC Kids is making friends with the other kids in the program. Were from lots of different towns and schools and prob-ably never wouldve met each other otherwise. Weve promised each other were going to hang out long after the program is over. Of course, the acting and singing here are pretty great, too! Vanguard Theater VTC Kids180 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair862-205-3525vanguardtheatercompany.orgkids space /25'