b'The clock tower features four massive dials facing out from each side of the tower and connected to an historic bell. Photo by Steve Weintraub.committee is starting to fundraise forration as the kickoff to other projects the sum. OConnell, who is also ontobeautifytheschool,includingar-theboardoftheCougarBoosters,chitecturallightingsimilartothat approachedtheorganizationaboutatMaplewood TownHall.Andany donatingtothefund.Althoughitfunds raised in excess of the goal will usually gives to sports and clubs, thego towards the celebrations.membersalsoliketosupportcausesAlthough our world is used to tell-that benefit as many students as pos- ing time with its phones, it will be nice sible.Theyhavecommitted$4,000.to be able to look up and see our be-And Janet Crane, who heads up theloved high school clock keeping proper CHS Alumni Association, earmarkedtime and marking it with the occasion-$1,000fortheclock.OConnellisal clang of the bell. And since the CHS confident that they can raise the ad- bell tower is featured in the districtsA Word from theditional $10,000 from the communitynew logo, it will aptly represent what through a fundraising campaign theySuperintendent Ronald Taylor cited asHSA Beautification Committeehave just launched.the pinnacle of [the] academic jour-Hopingtohavetheclockfixedney in our school district.well before CHSs centennial in 2026,To donate to the clock tower res-OConnell, Gomberg and Glass havetoration, visit bit.ly/3OHSrgQ or scanIts the symbol of our dis-joined a committee headed by Princi- the QR code to the right.trict. The iconic peak of our pal Frank Sanchez to plan a celebra- Ellen Donker toured the clock tower inhighschool.Andformany tion. OConnell sees the clock resto- 2016 and anxiously awaits its restoration. years now, it hasnt worked.So just like Marty, Doc and the citizens of Hill Valley did so many years ago, were go-ing to come together to save the CHS Clock Tower! Weve engaged with the oldest and finest clock repair company in the region and theyre ready to bring it back to its for-mer glory, including brand new clock hands that match the originals and new, waterproof silicone clock faces. Plus, of course, it will now tell the correct time on all four sides! We need your help to raise $16,000 to restore this com-munity gem to its original glorythe first project as part of the upcoming CHS Centennial Celebration, marking 100 years since the building was constructed in 1926. Any funds raised over the cost of the clock renovation will be rolled into the Centennial Celebration account and used for more renovation and beautification projects.Thank you for your support. And please donttrytodrive88milesanhourdown Parker Avenue.Restoring the clock tower means that the bell can once again be rung at key times during the day. Photo by Steve Weintraub.feature story /39'