b"weighed the loneliness. He loved see-ing the temples and mosques, ancient tombs,historicalsites,andcultural institutions, but even for a dedicated traveler it could be overwhelming. Re-member: he had no guidebooks, he of-ten faced language barriers, and there was no internet to consult.Still, when his 18 months were up, he says, Given the choice, I wouldve ratherspentanotheryeartraveling around the world, rather than going to law school. But I think youve got to grow up at some point. And hereREALTORI am 27 years old. And its time that I settled down to a profession.Stoever flew home and spent a fewIn Taipei, Stoever happened to catch thisweeks with his parents before settingLET ME PUT MY EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOUsmall parade led by an elaborately-cos- off to Harvard Law School. He prac- Full-time Real Estate professional with 15 years of experiencetumed man on stilts, the most memorable feature of his visit to Taiwan.ticed for a year, but it turned out thatHelped hundreds of individuals/families buy or sell their homesa career in law didnt suit him, so heStrong negotiator, who puts the clients needs first tering it under false pretenses. He says,went on to earn his M.B.A. and hisHyper-local community and market knowledgeI was terrified What am I going toPh.D.ininternationalbusinessandTHINKING OF SELLING?do? I cant sneak back onto the base.enjoyed a satisfying career teaching atCALL OR TEXT ME TODAY201.362.7168 (c) AndImthinking,300yardsaway,the college level. He also continued to there could be some Vietcong sniper. As luck would have it, an army truck866.201.6210 (o) | Marie@MarieLundi.com | ForSaleByMarie.comstoppedandferriedStoeverfortheNJ Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Award, since 2006five-hour trip to Saigon.Licensed as Naimie Marie LundiWriting to his parents about this particularadventure,hisfathersent him a tersely-worded missive saying, Wethoughtyouhadmoresense than that.Notonetobedeterred,Stoever succeeded in getting more flight or-ders written and hopped planes from one air force base to the next. This allowedhimtotravelextensively throughout the Far East.WheneverStoeverfoundhimselfIn Ito, Japan, the author tours the grounds in a new city he had to rely on word ofof a temple compound with, Carol, an-other traveler. Life on the road isn't always mouth to find cheap and safe lodginglonely!aswellasfood.SwitchingcountriesWhats Important to You?meant changing money into the localtravelaroundtheworld,sharinghis currency and he became a pro at un- loveofadventurewithhisfirstwifeIstarteveryclientrelationshipwithadiscussionaboutwhatis derstanding how the black market op- (she has since passed away) and twoimportant to you.It is your path, based on your goals and needs.erated in order to save money and ad- daughters. He counts the number of here to his strict budget. Finding bankscountries hes visited at 108. Lets talk about how to get there.thatwouldcashhistravelerschecksStoever is not done chronicling his couldbedifficultandsometimesre- travel or other aspects of his life. He quired days for the checks to clear, butsays he has five books in the works, all he always managed to squeeze by.at different stages, and looks forwardGary T. JonesAlthoughStoeverconnectedwithtosharingthemwithreaders.HisFinancial Advisor (973) 821-4900many people during his treks, he most- books can be found at amazon.com. lytraveledsolo.HeadmitstobeingEllen Donker admits to cabin fever and lonely, saying, There were times whenalthough she is not interested in low-end I didnt talk to another person for liketravelingatthispointinherlife,she three days. But the educational aspectscant wait to schedule her next adventure1611 Spring\x1feld Ave.Suite 1 Maplewood, N J 07040 g.jones@edwardjones.comand the thrill of new experiences out- fully vaccinated.feature story /21"