b"DR. KARA A. LOFTIN, THE CRAIG SCHOOLGrades served: 2 - 1210 Tower Hill Road, Mountain Lakes(973) 334-1099craigschool.orgEstablished in 1980, The Craig School serves students with language-based learning disabilities by acknowledging, understanding, and addressing learningdifferences.Studentswhostrugglewithdecoding,reading comprehension, and written expression are provided individualized supports and services best suited to their needs. By providing the right environment and opportunities, all students can reach their full potential. ApplyingOrton-GillinghamStructuredLiteracyIntervention,known as the gold standard in literacy instruction, children learn in small, homogeneous groups according to ability levels. Multi-sensory instruction, the core component of the program, helps to cement their learning so our students can find success at school and in the world around them. LANA LU,SEW LEANAAges served: 6 years to adult12 W. South Orange Avenue, South Orangeleana@sewleana.com sewleana.comI teach children and adults how to sew and my goal is the same for all: to teach them foundational skills so they have the confidence to go home and be as independent and creative as they'd like. I do this by leading them through a series of skill-building projects so that by the time theyve completed beginner and intermediate levels, they can tackle more advanced projects using the skills they already have. Although each student in a class may be completing the same project, none will look the same. I give them the freedom to choose their fabric or other ways to make it their own. To deepen children's creativity, they can also learn skills in other fiber arts such as tie-dying, felting, screen printing and more.24/ matters magazine / spring 2021"