b"5Scoutsarebusycuttingfabricfor Whats Newmasks for first responders during the Review coronavirus pandemic. resident Long-timeMaplewood JimBuchananremembersjoining Troop 5 in 1953. His father was H. ElwoodBuckyBuchanan, Troop5 Scoutmasterfrom1952-1954.Wed Borderline Bikes bringourhandbookstotheweekly Bill Quick meetings,saysBuchanan,whowas 973-798-8677 Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 5 when ihatebikeshops.com current Scoutmaster Brauchli came to Bill Quick has been fixing bikes since hethe troop as an 11-year-old Tenderfoot. was 13, officially working at the NutleyBuchanan points out that the basic Bike Shop for 30 years. He was about toskills back then were similar to what sign the lease to take over that space whenScouts learn today: We would work it occurred to him that he could work juston skills like knot tying, fire making, the repair side of the business from the trunk of his Volkswagen Passat. It's awrapping rope and dipping it in par-clever model that succeeds because of the convenience factor. Instead of load- affin, and planning and preparing forTroop 5 climbs the Stairway Ridge Trail at ing your bike into the car to take to a shop and leaving it there until a repaircamping trips, he says.Whiteface Mountain in upstate NY.person can fix it, you call, text or book an appointment online. Quick willBut most of all, he remembers the schedule himself or one of his other two mechanics to stop by your house and fix it curbside. They have all of the parts, accessories and tools in their cars. camping trips (three a year in his day,ny through Troop 5and 43 years lat-Borderline Bikes covers the tri-state area but Quick attributes 40 percent ofplus summer camping at Camp Ken- er they are both dear lifelong friends. his business to Maplewood and South Orange, which he describes as an avidEtiwa-Pec near Stillwater, New Jersey,Hes passed on his love of scouting to cycling community. Of course, business has blown up since the pandemicwhere,hesays,[w]esleptintents,hissons.IearnedmyEagleScout but Borderline Bikes stays busy all year long. The mechanics, who have 50avoided rattlesnakes, built skills on theAward in Troop 5 and have two sons years of shared experience, work in most any kind of weather. Together, theyrifle range, swam twice a day in thewhoearnedtheirEagleAwards,and service more than 300 bikes a month. lake,wentoutinboats,andmaybemy youngest son is awaiting a Board Whats New Review showcases new businesses in Maplewood and South Orange. went fishing despite the lack of fish. of Review for Eagle Scout in Troop 5 For details, please contact info@mattersmagazine.com. Whatdoesbeingamemberofwhich will make it even more special. Troop5meantotheScouts?MattI currently (well, not currently due to We keep you smiling! Girardi, 2016 Eagle Scout and SeniorCOVID-19) commute 35 miles each Patrol Leader, says it best. As I wasway to meetings each week which ei-privileged enough to go on in Troopther means Im crazy or Troop 5 means 5, I learned that what made that groupthat much to me.truly impressive was a mix of extraor- Ofcourse,reachingamilestone Everyeffortismadetodinary values, exceptional leadership,such as 100 years of service demands ensuretheutmostcomfortand deep camaraderie. From learningaworthycelebration.AndTroop5 for each patient.howtopitchatenttocookingmyhas a gala in the works for the Friday Enjoy a modern professionalmeals, there were countless useful andafter Thanksgiving, should our world environmentandacaringimportant practical skills I picked upbe deemed safe enough to hold it. In staff. in Troop 5 and use to this day. the meantime, it is accommodating the As a former faculty memberEagleScoutTomKincaidsays,constraintsofsocialdistancing,with of Fairleigh Dickinson DentalTroop 5 has had a huge impact onScouts meeting remotely and conduct-School, Dr. Wisz now devotesmy life. I joined Troop 5 in 1977 as aningcampingtripsintheirseparate all her time to private practice. 11-year-old and have been involved ei- back yards. ther actively or occasionally ever since.BrauchliisconfidentthatTroop I met Roger Brauchli and Tom Kilken- 5 will continue to support our towns and mold future leaders: Troop 5 con-Wendy Wisz, DMD tinues to evolve along with the scout-ing program and remains in step with our society, he declares. People in the General, Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry SOMAarealookforwardtofuture Maplewoodmayorscongratulating Troop5EagleScoutsandthanking 250 Millburn Avenue | Millburn them for service to their community. 973-467-0077 Says Brauchli, Heres to the next 100 Troop 5 goes on many hiking trips andyears! Saturdays and Evenings Available outings including the Klondike Derby held On site parking | Convenient location each February at the South MountainAdriannaDonatisafreelancewriter Reservation. who lives in Maplewood.12/ matters magazine / summer 2020"