b"TOP TEN FACTS ABOUT 2020 has brought us into a new era.The pandemic had us reflective and introspective, then the murderROGER BRAUCHLI of George Floyd filled us with raw emotions. While we profess to follow progressive ideals, we have to ask, have we lived up to them? Have we put them into action?In my business practices and for me personally, I will strive then to listen, learn and take action, because:Black Lives MatterDiversity MattersEqual Opportunity MattersFair Housing MattersCaring for your Neighbors MattersCaring for your Community MattersWhile pain has brought us to this moment, lovewill help us find our way out. Gary KellerRoger Brauchli has been an integral part of the Maplewood and Troop 5 ScoutingDouglas Huebnercommunities so long that if you mentionRealtor/Sales AssociateRoger in SOMA, most people will know181 Maplewood Ave.Maplewood, NJ 07040who you are talking aboutno last name(973) 762 -5400required. Hes as close to a local celebrity(917) 676-2000as they come.Here are a few things you may not know aboutRoger Brauchli:SUMMER IS HERE.1.His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip. HeNeed Organic Mosquitowon't try a new flavor in case he doesnt like it.2.His favorite pizza is plain cheese and his favoriteand Tick Control?bagel is plain.3.Most every day his go to breakfast is a bowlSpring and summer Servicesof Raisin Bran. For lunch it's a ham and swissSemi Organic + Organic Lawn Fertilization Packagescheese sandwich. Organic Mosquito + Tick Control4.He lived in Italy for 6 months; otherwise, hesEco-Friendly Weed Control + Preventionspent almost his entire life in Maplewood. Fall Services5.One of his favorite things is when graduatesAeration + Overseedingof the troop come back for a visit at a ThursdayCompost Top Dressingp.m. Scout meeting. Lawn Revivals6.He instituted the yellow and red neckerchiefs when he became Scoutmaster. His mom madeLocally owned and operatedall of the neckerchiefs until a few years ago.7.His job in high school was scooping ice cream at a sweetshop on Springfield Avenue.8.He was an outstanding soccer goalie at Colum-bia High School and was also in marching band.9.He coached college soccer at Union CountyCall us today. 10% offCollege. Limited spots available! Sign up for one of our Organic Mosquito and Tick Control packages and SAVE BIG! 10. He was the Recreation Director for the Town- Expires July 15th!ship of Maplewood for most of his career before retiring. Call us or send us a message on our website!973-821-3858/greenrootsorganic.comfeature story /13"