14 Summer 2016 Higgs’ visions are evidenced in his photos; each one resembles a dream or beckons to a past life. Though he cites Andy Warhol and Van Gogh as influences for their political and surrealist styles, they are second to the influence of his father, Lee. Known for his gothic-fetish photography and use of infrared film, Higgs’ father helped him “become more mature, exposing him to things many parents wouldn’t.”  Higgs would help build sets for his father’s photo shoots and would soon be learning different artistic approaches, such as using wide-angle lenses.   Higgs became an assistant at the Arts Unbound gallery in Orange, a studio committed to showcasing artists with disabilities. He  did not come on board as an  artist, but mentioned his photographs one day  to staff members. They  immediately embraced his work.  “Alex is paying attention to things that not everyone can see,” says Celene Ryan,ArtsUnbound’s Artist Development Director. He quickly became a featured artist at the Art Garden CSA, a community- funded program that also works with disabled artists.   “Arts Unbound is the first of its kind,” explains Ryan. “Our mission is to give artists the tools they need and help build their portfolios.” Unlike most commercial galleries,  Arts Unbound has  an artist development program that works one-on-one with artists Monday-Friday 9Am-2Pm. Flexible 2,3 & 5 day programs Innovative Curriculum For more information or to schedule a tour Call: 973-763-7455 Or visit our website: www.maplewoodjewishcenter .org Frumie Bogomilsky– director MS early Childhood– sp.ed The Kinder Gan Preschool Ages 2-5 Summer Camp June 27th - July 28th Elevate your BBQ with our chalkboard menu PERCh home a curious little shop in Maplewood, NJ All natural mosquito candles Melamine that looks ceramic Summer decor