b'Visit kidcaboo.com to join our waitlist as we look forward to our launch late driven by love summer.Itwastheyeartheworldstopped.Ayearofanxiety and loss. A year of reflection. A year of reconfiguring our prioritiesandwhatweholdmostdear. Nowitstimetostartmoving again, with a refreshed sense of what motivates us. Kidcaboo was founded as an idea of a Maplewood mom in 2018. Since then, it has blossomed into a family, united by a vision, and driven by love. We show our love in the tender care of every child, every ride. We show our love for our Driving Nannies by compensating them fairlyworkingtowardofferinghealthinsuranceandotherbenefitsandtreating themlikethevaluedbuildingblocksofthiscompanythattheyare.Becausewe know that a happy driver is a safe driver, and a safe child is a happy one. Kidcaboo isourlovelettertobusyparents,itsalifelinewhenyouneeditmost.Thats whatdrivesus,anditswhatyoucancountonwhenwedriveyourlovedone.Introducing The Driving Nanny & Parent AppsKidcabooishiringDrivingNanniesinBergen,Essex,Hudson,Monmouth, Morris, and Union counties.Kidcaboos Driving Nannies earn competitive pay. Some use small windows of availability to complete a drive or two, while others opt to fill hours with drives. Maintaining an encouraging team, positive company culture, reliable support and flexibility, as well as offering growth opportunity, are Kidcaboo priorities. The application will be available on our app when it is released later this summer. For now, to apply and for info, please visit kidcaboo.com.If you cant drive your children there, we will.'