b"Matters Acclaimed bassist John Lee, at home in South Orange. Photo by Julia Maloof Verderosa.MAGAZINE TheMagazineofMaplewoodandSouthOrangecontentsVol. 32 Issue 4Summer 2021in every issue in this issueIs Baseball Calling My Name?8 10From Dizzy Gillespie to Arethai'm learning to read the signals Franklin, John Lee is a SouthOrange Jazz All-StarWhat's New Review12 the bass player and grammy-winning producer our newest businessknows how to play it localBook Report23 14A Home for All Seasonsexplore matters magazine's while the pandemic raged, houses of faith reached story topics with these books out to their most vulnerable membersFinding Home29 18Keys to Successworking with the our local realtors describe the qualities that help them allison ziefert real estate group stand out Resource Guide32 24Accidental Book meetslocal sources Accidental PublisherFinal Matters34 a serendipitous soma pairing of a writer, a month, saying goodbye to our house, with love and a press27Matters Camp Guide14 10 fun for the summer is here!28Summer DIY Craftmake a clothes hanger suncatcher30High School Students takingCollege Classes?maplewood author tina kelleys newest bookdemystifies an exciting new education model30 24286/ matters magazine / summer 2021"