b"Make a ClothesHanger SuncatcherBY LACEY BUCCELLATOWith the kids at home this summer, we like to do projects that celebratetheseasonwithmaterialswecansourceathome. Summer is all about SUN! We love exploring the qualities of light, and this DIY suncatcher made from an upcycled clothes hanger is simple, colorful, and radiant.WHAT YOU'LL NEED:3. Wrap pieces of tape around the wax paper/vinyl and wire to connect. A wire hanger We found that breaking off small wax paper or upcycled clear vinyl pieces of tape and wrapping one by tape one was the best method.scissorsmulti colored tissue papers and/or cellophane Cut your tissue paper and/or cellophane into desired shapes and glue 4.paste onto the wax paper/vinylDIRECTIONS: 5. Keep arranging and pasting your shapes, noticing how the colors change where they overlap. Fill the 1. Bend your wire into your desiredentire composition with colors!shape. 6. Let dry and then hang in a sunny window. Notice how ra-diant your colors become when the light passes through.2. Cut your wax paper or vinyl to the size of the hanger form.Lacey Buccellato is owner of Oh! Canary, an art studio in South Orange. It offers joyful art experiences for ages 1 and up with classes, art kits, playgroups, camps, work-shops, and parties where children engage with diverse materials that inspire imagina-tion, celebrate play, and promote artistic development.28/ matters magazine / summer 2021"