b'P oPulation ofn ewJ ersey asD escribeD in the1830 c ensusThe northeastern counties, dominated by Dutch and English landowners, had far more enslaved people than thesouthern and western counties, home to more Quakers and other abolitionists. Courtesy of Rutgers University Special Collections.SUSSEX COUNTY20,346 WHITE 401 COLORED BERGEN51 SLAVES COUNTY 22,414WHITE1,890 COLORED MORRIS 589 SLAVESWARRENCOUNTYCOUNTY 23,666WHITE18,627 WHITE 802COLOREDESSEX346 COLORED 165SLAVES 48 SLAVES COUNTY41,928 WHITE 1,941 COLORED SOMERSET217 SLAVESHUNTERDONCOUNTYCOUNTY 7,689 WHITE31,660 WHITE 1,859 COLORED 1,770 COLORED448 SLAVES172 SLAVES MIDDLESEX COUNTY23,157 WHITE 1,982 COLORED399 SLAVESMONMOUTH COUNTY29,233 WHITE 2,072 COLOREDBURLINGTON 227 SLAVES COUNTY31,107 WHITE1,355 COLORED33 SLAVESPOPULATIONGLOUCESTER OF NEW JERSEYSALEMCOUNTYCOUNTY 28,431 WHITEas described in14,155 WHITE 1,549 COLORED the 1830 Census 1,411 COLORED 4 SLAVES 1 SLAVES321,442 WHITE18,387 COLORED CUMBERLAND2,357 SLAVESCOUNTY 342,186TOTAL14,093 WHITE 787 COLORED0 SLAVES CAPE MAY COUNTY4,936 WHITE 222 COLORED 3 SLAVES feature story /15'