b'befriending musicians from the Sinti (WesternEuropeGypsy)settlementsT H E R O B E R T N O R T H F I E L Dsurrounding Fontainebleau and otherT E A Mcommunes outside of Paris. Reinhardt performed in hot clubs in Paris, but heSmall Ad.passed his guitar traditions down to his Sinticommunity.Istartedmeeting people and I was invited to jam with them. I met people who had a com- BIG RESULTS!pletelydifferentlifestylethanmine,THINKING ABOUT MAKING A MOVE?which was an eye opener to me, says Wrembel, who credits the gypsy jazzWrembel\'s band released their latestCALL US TODAY FOR THE RIGHT PLAN!recording, "The Django Experiment V" on culture for his love of Reinhardt. January 23 to coincide with the 110thDjangoReinhardtsuniquestyleanniversary of Reinhardt\'s birthday. 973-544-8001came out of necessity. A nearly fatal very natural for theguitarthat youwouldnt haveevencon-ceived playing, he says. By tran-scribing Django withtwofin-gers,youstart seeingthings19 Overhill Rd, SO 15 Winthrop Pl, MWyou havent seenList: $999,000 List: $849,000before. And youSale: $1,060,000 Sale: $859,000startrealizing thatitsbetter, easier, and clos-er to the nature of the instrument. Be-cause of his limitation, he could play sophisticated and fascinating chords.Over the years, Wrembel has assem-bled an accomplished group of musi-cians to perform and record with him. OnOctober7, Wrembelsbandwill111 Blanchard Rd, SO 4 Ridgewood Ter, MWperform selections from his DjangoList: $899,000 List: $799,000Experiment project. The bands mostSale: $950,000 Sale: $850,000recentrecording,TheDjangoExperi-ment V, was released on January 23 to coincide with the 110th anniversary of Reinhardts birthday. The ensemble features Thor Jensen on guitar, Daisy Castro on violin, Nick Andersonondrums,AriFolman-Cohen on bass, and Nick Driscoll on clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophone; Wrembel demonstrates Django\'s methodit explores an improvisatory approach285 Highland Rd, SO 68 S. Pierson Rd, MWof playing the guitar with two fingersList: $949,000 List: $399,000rather than four, a technique Djangothat evokes new interpretations of Re- Sale: $950.000 Sale: $421,000developed out of necessity. Doing soinhardtsmusic,aswellassongsby changes the shapes of the harmoniesother jazz and gypsy jazz composers.Robert Northfield, Broker - Salespersonresulting in a different tone and phrasing. For us, we do not rehearse, WrembelOffice: 973-761-4100 Cell: 973-544-8001says. We just play. They have a lot of fire badly damaged his ring and pinkycharacter and are good people to travelRobertNorthfield@kw.com www.RobertNorthfield.comfingers. According to Wrembel, Rein- with and to hang out with. These guys hardts compensation made for a fas- areamazingoneverylevel.WhenI cinating playing technique. Becausebringacomposition,Ialreadyhave he could solo mainly with two fingers,them in mind.Django found shapes that are actuallyThe second night of the festival is181 Maplewood Avenue - Maplewood, NJ 07040 feature story /9'