b"RESOURCE GUIDE(cont'd) BookExplore MattersMagazine's story topics Report with these readsPRESCHOOL Possible Minds: 25 Ways of Looking at AI by John Brockman Brockman assembles 25 of the most important scientific minds for an unparalleled roundtable examination about mind, thinking, intelligence, and what it means to be human.The Undefeated by KwameAlexanderWinner of the 2020 Caldecott Medal and a 2020 Newbery Honor Book, this poem is a love letter to Black life in the United States. It highlights the trauma of slavery, the faith of the civil rights movement, and the grit, passion, and perseverance of some of the PET SUPPLIES world's greatest heroes.Better Days will Come Again: the Life of Food & Supplies for Arthur Briggs, Jazz Genius of Harlem, CatsDogsFishBirdsReptiles Paris, and a Nazi Prison Camp by Travis AtriaZEN PETBriggs was a peer of Django Reinhardt and the SUPPLY jazz greats of the '30s and '40s. His story is a cru-cial document of jazz history, a fast-paced epic, Curbside Pickup or Delivery toand an entirely original tale of survival.your home TuesThursSat57 Academy St S. Orange 973-761-6121 These Ghosts are Family by Maisy Card When a 30-year secret is revealed, multiple gen-erations of a family are caught in the sweep of history, slavery, migration, and their own personal dramas. Card is the teen services librarian at the Newark Library.ANTIQUE/VINTAGEThe Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Gift Cards & Curbside Calvin and Hobbes Treasury by Bill Pick-up Available WattersonLoved by millions around the world for over 30 years, the antics of Calvin and Hobbes are a perfect, delightful distraction, enjoyed Valley Vintage by adults probably even more than kids.168 South Valley Road, West OrangeValleyVintage168@gmail.com | 973-323-171151 Baker Street | Maplewood, NJ 07040973-762-1622 | maplewoodlibrary.orgbook report /29"