b"Lucas aside for practice during breaks. And students routinely quizzed him at lunch.SPRING IS HERE.On the morning of March 7, Lucas says, I woke up at 6:30 that morningIS YOUR LAWN READY?to study the word list and was excited for the bee. By 11 a.m. he was at Kipp Life Academy in Newark, competingSpring Serviceswith 18 other children from elemen- Semi Organic + Organic Lawn Fertilization Packages taryandmiddleschoolsacrosstheOrganic Mosquito + Tick Controlcounty. Besides Lucas parents, Jeffer- Eco-Friendly Weed Control + PreventionsonPrincipalKimHutchinsonandFall ServicesAssistant Principal Angel Rivera were in attendance to cheer him on. Aeration + OverseedingRound after round, Lucas hung inCompost Top Dressingthere, successfully spelling the wordsLawn RevivalsLucas proudly holds his trophy after winning first place in the Essex CountyLocally owned and owned and opperateerateddSpelling Bee.tional finals were canceled because of COVID-19, the first time since World War II that the bee did not take place.Says Lucas, I'm really disappointed10% off 10% offbecause I feel like I worked so hardSign up for one of our LawnSign up for one of our Organic Mosquito but I will be ready for next year! InFertilization packages and SAVE BIG!and Tick Control packages and SAVE BIG! fact, if he used one of his vocabularyExpires May 31st! Expires May 31st!words to reflect on our current situa-tion, he might say he is hoping for theCall us or send us a message on our website!973-821-3858/greenrootsorganic.comappearance of a thaumaturge to eradi-cate the virus. For us non-competitors, that means a worker of miracles. Ellen Donker has always had a knackMay your thirstLucas studies from The Words of Champi- for spelling and enjoyed hearing aboutfor lifeons before the Essex County Spelling BeeLucas achievements with the bee.starts. never run drymandate,leniency,tom-foolery,urbanely,trans- Experience the best ofference,andlanolated.Irelands Pub traditionsWhen it was time to tackleFamily FriendlyGood Cheerhisfinalword,henailed it,emergingastheEs-sexCountySpellingBeeWe are Open for Business Champion.Thedecidingwith Curbside Deliveryword? Nictitate. (It means to close and open quickly,CALL IN YOUR ORDERor blink.) 973-378-2222This victory meant that Lucas would represent theDaily SpecialsEssexCountyCommu- Complimentary WineAuthentic Irish Cuisine, Irish Coffee, nity at the ESPN televisedFine Wines and Irish Whiskey with MealsScrippsNationalSpellingworthy of Celtic Kings Draft Beer SpecialsBeeinNationalHarbor, Maryland.Ithadbeen scheduledtotakeplace167 Maplewood AvenueMay 24 through 29, 2020Maplewood Village 973-378-2222(theycallitBeeWeek),Jefferson Assistant Principal Angel Rivera and Princi-withallexpensespaid.pal Kim Hutchinson came out to cheer student LucasST. JAMESS GATE APPAREL AND GIFT CARDS AVAILABLEUnfortunately,thena- Jackowski at the Essex County Spelling Bee. www.stjamesgatepublickhouse.comfeature story /19"