b"C A L EO 20 VL EN2 2TSWhats Important to You?IstarteveryclientrelationshipwithadiscussionaboutwhatisSummerimportant to you.It is your path, based on your goals and needs.Lets talk about how to get there.South Orange Performing Arts Center June 178PM Jesse Cook June 19 7:30PM Nick Lowes Quality Rock & Roll Revue Gary T. Jones Starring Los StraitjacketsFinancial Advisor (973) 821-4900 June 23 7:30PM Roger McGuinn, Co-founder of the Byrds Jesse CookJuly 6 7:30PM Laughs In The Loft, Monthly series of stand-up comics1611 Spring\x1feld Ave.Suite 1 Maplewood, N J 07040 g.jones@edwardjones.com Aug 3 7:30PM Laughs In The Loft, Monthly series of stand-up comics DETAILS One SOPAC Way, South Orange; sopacnow.org Roger McGuinnCHILDRENS KARATE CLASSES Maplewoodstock Music and ArtsAn Exceptional FestivalLearning Experience July 9 and 10 NOON TO 10PM A community gathering of friends and neighbors. Music, art, food. DETAILS Memorial Park, Maplewood, NJ; maplewoodstock.com Durand-Hedden HouseJune 19 1PM Juneteenth, a celebration marking the end of slavery, in collaboration with the South Orange Maplewood Community Coalition on RaceDETAILS Durand-Hedden House, 523 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood; durandhedden.orgWHAT PARENTS SAY: Maplewood Memorial LibraryIts hard to believe someone so gifted in karateAN would be so patient and good with kids, but June 23 6:30PM Author Talk with Sara FarringtonINCREDIBLE Sensei Howard is a rare find! - K. Kaplan July 210:30AM Boogie Woogie Babies129 Shihan is the kid whisperer! He builds confidenceJuly 57PM Mail Art with Georgette $and character in all of the kids. - W. ArmstrongJuly 63:30PM Teen Create Camp: DIY Cloud LampFOR ENTIRE SUMMER (includes uniform) REGISTER NOW!July 9 10AM Yarn & Fiber Arts GroupCALL 908-967-8132 July 127PM Mapso Sweets Trifle Demo & Tasting Boogie Woogie BabiesJuly 13 3:30PM Teen Create Camp: Upcycled Denim Visit us at BlueLifeKarate.comWhale1882 Springfield AvenueMaplewood, NJ cont'd on p. 4412/ matters magazine / summer 2022"