b'Our local realtorsWORK HARD.They alsoPLAY HARD.Read about the hobbies and activitiesthey pursue in their spare time.ALLISON ZIEFERTCompassShort Hills|917-751-0448azhomesnj.comTaking my dachsund Archibald for a walk is a break I look forward to. He\'s a bit fickle when it comes to the weather but once we get going, I like to listen to a good podcast. My favorites tend to be therapy-related, letting me "sit in" on real sessions and glean insight from the challenges people work through. I think they help me understand myself and my clients better. When I\'m done, I always feel energized by the wise advice, the exercise, and the beauty of the outdoors. RODNEY FONTILHearth RealtySouth Orange|914-473-7493rodneyfontil.comI used to be an avid golfer until work and family responsibilities made it hard to get out. But when I do have some spare time and the weather cooperates, I like to stick my clubs in the car, head out to the East Orange Golf Course and play a round. Being outside, meeting some interesting golfers and enjoying a friendly game are all I need to decompress. And whether I shoot an 80 or 100, I\'m good. Because the stakes will never be as high as they are in real estate.work hard - play hard /23'