b"JENNIFER MCMANUSColdwell Banker RealtyMaplewood|917-837-2192@jennifermcmanusWhen I rescued 2-year-old Finn, I wasn't sure how 9-year-old Lucy would take to him, but it's been the best thing for her. I love watching them tear around the yard together or sunbathe on the deck. Helping rescue dogs is not just my hobby, it's my passion, so I give back to the rescue community either by donating a percentage of my sales or sponsoring rescue events. When I imagine the future, Im living on a big piece of property with lots of rescue animals, still selling real estate, of course.ROBERT SHAFFRONColdwell Banker RealtyMaplewood|201-665-0864shaffronsellshomes.cbintouch.comI like to bake mostly because I really like cake. Any excuse will do: I bake cakes for my kids birthdays, I bake for the holidays, Ive even raffled a few off. When I bake, I can give my creative side a rest; just follow the recipe and at the end you get dessert. I always warn my family when Im about to bake. I stick a podcast in my earsgenerally the most gruesome murder stories I can findand they leave me alone because they know theyre all gonna get some cake out of the deal.ELLEN DECICCOCompassShort Hills|973-953-4428thedeciccogroup.comMy home reflects my hobby as an art collector. Im passionate about everything from abstract paintings to impressionist art, all of which evoke unique emotions. Im sentimental towards faces, in particular, because those pieces transport me back to my childhood. As a young girl, I watched my fatherwho was an artist in his spare timepaint and create pencil drawings. He shined as he sketched me and my siblings and we have basked in the beauty of his finished paintings ever since. 26/ matters magazine / summer 2022"