b"VICTORIA CARTERWeichert, RealtorsShort Hills|973-220-3050victoriacarter.comI work hard but also know it's important to take a break and spend time with my family. Traveling together enables me to do that and gives me new perspective on our world. I especially enjoy going to international destinations to experience other cultures, learn about their history and appreciate different ways of life. Since I'm always curious about houses, I find it fascinating to see ancient dwellings that utilized architectural details still in use today. It gives me a new appreciation for the historical beginnings of housing.CAROLINE GOSSELINEXP RealtyMaplewood|973-985-6117experiencenjteam.comRunning my own business and raising a teenager as a single mom, I have no shortage of things to do. Its a nice break to come out to the South Mountain Reservation to walk my dog Toutoune and forest bathe for a while. Spending time in nature helps me disconnect so that I can rebalance and recalibrate. I observe the plants, listen to the birds sing, watch foxes run across trailstheres a lot happening out here! I call these walks busy girl comes to forest to unwind and withdraw.ROBERT NORTHFIELDKeller Williams Mid-Town Direct RealtyMaplewood|973-489-3417robertnorthfield.comWith a busy schedule helping my clients, I enjoy yoga a few times a week, traveling off season while always being connected, spending time with family and friends and collecting time pieces and watches. I am a founding member of the Facebook SOMA Watch group, which reflects a passion that began many years ago when my grandfather gave me my first manual-wind watch at 11 years old. work hard - play hard /27"