b'music.Drawingfroma broader range of styles alsobroadensthe bands audience, bring-ing in older and young-er fans. Nigel and Ki-yomi have friends from thecommunitywho cometotheshows, andtheirparentsare there with them, says Faith. One parent told meafterashowthat she loves how she can come with her kids and theyallhaveagood time.Kiyomiagrees: Its a local experience. We have a community ofpeople,friendsand familyattheshows overandover,even old teachers that Nigel and I havent seen in aFaith Taylor sings next to Kenny Vaughan.while. Its always a fun crowd! Some of the Collectives members The band has jammed on the stageshavelongstandingmusicalconnec-ofMaplewoodstockandPickettsintions. Faith and Glasser played at the Maplewood, Village Hall and Floodsfirst Maplewoodstock in a big, horn-Hill in South Orange, and the Mont- drivenbandcalledTheLogistical clair Brewery and Tierneys in Mont- Nightmares. Kiyomi grew up hearing clair. It will be playing a benefit for thehermothersingindifferentgroups. Achieve Foundation of South OrangeShe was in a group, The Motherfunk-and Maplewood in March 2024. Weers, with Finley while they were stu-havent had too much trouble findingdents at Columbia High School. Oth-gigs, says Glasser, but theres nine ofer members of the group have been in us, so you cant stick us in a tiny, littleand out of local groups.place! Thosemanyyearsofmusicalex-perience and personal connection helpelevatethebandmembers experience.Iveplayedinorigi-nalsbands.Iveplayedinblues bands. I studied at a conservatory in New England and studied jazz. Ive done a lot of different kinds of things, says Glasser. But this is the happiest Ive ever been in a musical context. Its the most fun.ThatsenseoffunhelpstheHand-rolled bagels andband relax into the groove of each song.Themusiciansareabletosourdough breads madeimprovise and play off of each oth- with home-milled flours.er in the moment. I love how the people in the band are great listen-ers, says Glasser. Some of theseDelivered in Maplewood and South Orange.songs are jamsyou find a grooveSign up to hear about delivery dates.and embellish on it, and we alwayswww.therollingbagel.comfind our way through. Brian Swisher plays bass.Photo credit: Alan Holzman. Finley also sees individual and feature story /17'