b"COME CELEBRATEBook ReportYOUR SPECIAL OCCASIONWITH US! Explore Matters Magazinesstory topics with these booksATAt Least You Have Your Healthby Madi Sinha Maya Rao is a gynecologist who joins a boutique medical practice that caters to wealthy women. But behind the chic veneer of a wellness clinic lies a dangerous secret. When the opportunity begins to M A P L E W O O D prove too good to be true, Maya must decide what part of the American dream she actually wants. You and your guests will have a blast cooking with our chefs and enjoying a unique and privateLucy in the Skydining experience in our beautiful loft-like space. by Kiara Brinkman and Sean Chiki 3 hour, 3 course events . 10 person minimum, 20 max Twelve-year-oldLucydiscoversherfathers collection of Beatles records and is inspired to BYOB (wine and beer) welcome! form an all-girl rock band in this graphic novel for tweens.Contact Dawn at 201.618.3979 Wellness by Nathan HillA witty and poignant novel about marriage, middle age, tech-obsessed health culture, and the bonds kitchentable.maplewood Kitchen Table Maplewood that keep people together. Alongside the challeng-es of parenting, married couple Jack and Elizabeth encounter cults disguised as mindfulness support groups,polyamorouswould-besuitors,Facebook warsandsomethingcalledLovePotionNumber Nineastheyundertakeseparate,personalexca-vations in their quest to find health and happiness.Sofia Valdezs Big Project Book forAwesome Activists by Andrea BeatySofia Valdez will take readers through more than 40 different activities that are all about activism, politics, and the governmental process. The young-est go-getters and change makers will learn what it takes to make a difference in their community.The Wellness Trap: Break Free from DietCulture, Disinformation, and DubiousDiagnosesand Find Your True Well- Being by Christy HarrisonWellness culture promotes a standard of health that is often both unattainable and deeply harmful. Weav-ing together history, memoir, reporting, and practical advice, Harrison illuminates the harms of wellness culture while re-imagining our societys relationship with well-being.Adult Services: 129 Boyden Avenue | 973-762-1622Children's & Teen Services: 1688 Springfield Avenue | 973-762-1688 maplewoodlibrary.org20/ matters magazine / winter 2024"