b'Spreading the Scientific Truth from HisMaplewood HeadquartersDr. Bill Gallo presents the Unbiased Science InstituteBY DONNY LEVITDr. Bill Gallo is the executive director of the Unbiased Science Institute.M aplewoodandSouthfar beyond COVID. If youve Googled it, or arguedcommunities alike. It was soup to nuts. We had 15 Orange have long beenabout it around a dinner table, Unbiased Science hasspeakers over three days. It was everything from the hometotalentedau- the answers for you, says an institute motto. cellular level, the virology, right up to what do you thors,theaterartists,Before founding Unbiased Science, Gallo was ado with your kids who have been out of school and musiciansandjournal- professor of public health and nursing at the Cityhow a family can manage their anxiety and depres-ists. If Dr. Bill Gallo hasUniversity of New York and served as a research as- sion, he says.his way, the communitysistant at the Yale School of Medicine. In 2016, heGallo originally thought the summit would be will add public health research hub to its accolades.co-founded Vital Statistics Consulting, a companya one-off event. However, the programming was so A longtime health economist, gerontologist andthat provides policy analysis and program evaluationwell-received that he knew they had tapped into a social epidemiologist, Gallo played a key role in re- in the public health industry. Our job is to lookvital need for communication. We realized this was thinking how public healthcare could provide clearat health policies and to apply statistical models tojust the beginningnot an end. The response pro-andcohesiveinformationaboutthepandemictofigure out whether or not [organizations] are achiev- voked us to establish a podcast, he says.the general public. He is executive director of theing their intended goals and objectives, says Gallo. TheUnbiasedSciencePodcastisco-hostedby Unbiased Science Institute (USI), a nonprofit or- In May 2020, Gallo and a group of experts orga- Dr. Jessica Steier (a mentee of Gallo at CUNY) and ganization that partners with experts worldwide tonized a virtual summit called COVID 19Trans- Dr. Andrea Love. They have created a portfolio of cut through the misinformation and disinformationlating the Science and Exploring the Path Ahead.episodes addressing science and public health top-that was so prevalent during the pandemic.ThegoalwastoprovideCOVIDeducationthatics with the goal to affect the daily lives of listeners. Since 2020, USIs subject matter has expandedwould translate clearly to organizations, families andEpisodes range from vaccine hesitancy and the opi-24/ matters magazine / winter 2024'