b'Matters This thermometer keeps track of donations to the Maplewood Foundation. Interested in giving? Just scan the QR code on the cover. Photo by Mason Levinson.MAGAZINE TheMagazineofMaplewoodandSouthOrangecontentsVol. 35 Issue 1Winter 2024in every issue in this issueHeart of the Matter8 12The Maplewood Foundationhoping for a piano revival new organization awards $50,000 in grantsEvents that Matter10 16Get Down with the Essex Funkaround the townsCollectiveBook Report20 a multigenerational band wants to make you danceexplore our story topics with these books 22Thank You!health practitioners tell us how their care made aFinding Home32 differencefeathering their nest 24Spreading the Scientific TruthResource Guide36 dr. bill gallo presents the unbiased science institutelocal sources 27Not Your Typical Doctors OfficeFinal Matters38 herMD offers a new approach to female health care27 i double dog dare you 30Are You One, Are You Two?maplewood resident turns 10033Summer Camp Guidefun for the summer is just months away1612 30Take Matters Magazine with you. Read us online.6/ matters magazine / winter 2024'