b'The decorators eye may have carried the day. But that does not mean that Hillboth men de-scribe themselves as house peo-plehas not had a lot of input.Hill is the one that conceived of a mural for the front entrance. AchildofruralArkansaswho spent his boyhood touring grand oldSouthernmansionswith theirhand-paintedwallsand wallpaper(bothmenhailfrom theSouth;Powellgrewupin Asheville, North Carolina), Hill took one look at the blank walls inthesweepingentrywayandDiscover Why Home thought he ought to do the same. InthehandsofDianaMayeSellers Trust Stacie Levy.Whitener,aPhiladelphia-based artist who has been a friend ofReliable Advisor. Resourceful Advocate. thecouplesformanyyears,itJoseph Hill and Reid Powell with Nugget, theirYour Partner in Real Estate Success.became a painterly paean to thechihuahua. house and town. The family of deer that tookshowedmethatdrawingandsaid, up residence in the wooded side yardWhat if we use this drawing and fillStacie Levy stacie.levy@compass.com last summer have pride of place at thein the foyer with everything that pos- Licensed Real Estate Salesperson M: 917.686.3821 | O: 973.310.6816front door; but walk in and up, andsiblycouldbeconnectedwiththisStacie Levy is a licensed is a real estate salesperson affiliated with Compass.the scene runs through South Orangebuilding?HillknewexactlywhereCompass is a licensed real estate broker and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws.history, ending with a picture of thethe drawing of the hotel should gogrand hotel that once stood very nearon the largest wall, midway up, so it where this house does now, beckoningis visible through the leaded glass win-visitors who came from Newark by car- dows when the lights are on. The rest riage, and later by train via Mountainof it I filled in with some of the ideas Station, to the grand Mountain Househe had.Spa for the healing waters offered byWhilehefocusedonthehotel, thestream.Thehotelburnedsome- Whitener loved the stream. The brook time before the turn of the 20th Cen- was so important to the hotel histori-cally,shesays.I wantedtomake suretobringthat creektolife.Her palettewasmeant to echo the pen and inkdrawingthatWhats Important to You?was the inspiration. ItdidnthurtthatIstarteveryclientrelationshipwithadiscussionaboutwhatis dark blue and whiteimportant to you.It is your path, based on your goals and needs.are two of Hills fa-vorite colors. Its aLets talk about how to get there.blue as dark as you The music room features stained glass windows depictingcangetbeforeit various musical instruments. turns to black, says Whitener. It is light- Gary T. Jonestury, when its popularity was alreadyenedbythebasecolor,aBenjaminFinancial Advisor (973) 821-4900on the wane, but it lives again on theMooreselectioncalled,appropriately walls of the house that took its place.enough, paper white. Whitener gives much of the creditIt took her six weeks to prep the for the mural to Hills inspiration. Hewallsandfivemonthstocomplete hadcomeintopossessionofapenthe work. She would come for three1611 Spring\x1feld Ave.Suite 1 Maplewood, N J 07040 g.jones@edwardjones.comand ink drawing of the old hotel. Hedays at a time. Ive tried out several feature story /15'