b'Mission AccomplishedWorking with Debbie Rybka HowardBY ELLEN DONKER I N G HD ON MIF EM ichelleandDaniellelook attractive. theclosingisscheduledforthe DobrusinmetDebbieTothatend, RybkaHowardatanend of April. Michelle says, [Debbies] been just openhouseinMaple- wonderfulthroughoutthewholeprocessgoing woodlastOctober.Al- throughattorneyreviewandfindinganattorney, thoughthecouplehadfinding an inspector. She was there with us during been looking for homesinspections togive us her insight into how long since summer, a few months later they decided toshe thinks the water heaters going to last. Its just focus exclusively on Maplewood. Easy enough untilbeen really reassuring.they added that the house needed to be less than aThe Dobrusins anticipate being in the house by 10-minute walk to the train station since both wom- mid-June and getting involved in the town. Michelle en work in New York. And like most house hunters,says, We want to be enmeshed in a community and they had a budget. Michelle and Danielle Dobrusin, with daughter, Frankie,we want Frankie to grow up being able to walk to The home they were looking at was out of theirlook forward to making Maplewood their home. the pizza place and they know who she is.reach, but Debbie was confident she could find theDanielle says, We see this house as being the couple something else. Danielle says, We broughtgathering spot for all of our friends and family for our baby, Frankie, to the open house and [Debbies]us to see it on the morning of the open house, and the next 40 years. So were just very excited to get in like, Okay, Im going to find you guys a home. Andyou know, you walk into a house, you just get a feel- there and start making memories. Mission accom-shes been a woman on a mission since then. ing. She says it felt like a storybook home. plished? The Dobrusins give an emphatic yes. The Dobrusins are currently living in Hoboken,The open house took place on a weekend during and found that, like any couple who adds a child towhich bids were received. Best and final offers were the mix, their condominium seems to have shrunk.due by Monday evening. That night, just as Michelle Finding space to accommodate their hybrid workand Danielle were about to give Frankie a bath, they has its challenges and they have no patio or deck toreceived a call from Debbie. Danielle remembers ex-host outdoor celebrations. They need space. actly what Debbie said: She goes, Frankie, who is Besides wanting to locate themselves close to theyour real estate mama? Making sure they under-train station, the couple told Debbie they were look- stood correctly, Danielle said, Does that mean we ing for a home with four bedrooms as well as spacegot the house? The answer was yes.fortwooffices,andagoodbackyard.AndtheyReflecting on the experience, Michelle says, The didnt want a flip. Danielle says, We were lookingmarket and the bidding in Maplewood is no joke. for something that was updated but that was up- I think we were not fully-prepared, but grateful to dated by people who lived there and cared about it. have Debbie as a shepherd in the process. Because I It wasnt long before a coming soon sign ap- dont know, if we didnt have her by our side, that we peared in front of a house on Woodland Road, lesswould have gotten the house.than a five-minute walk to the train. Danielle says,In total there were seven offers. Michelle says, This house came on the market before there wereShe gave us the guidance. And I think part of our even pictures up. We knew it was ours. Michelleoffer wasnt just financial, right? Or wasnt just the adds, Then the pictures came on. And we were like,number that we came in at. I think Debbie gave usDebbie Rybka Howard helped Michelle and Danielle Dobrusin find a home that met their needs while also be-Oh, my gosh, this is perfect. And Debbie broughtguidance on other things that would make our offering close to the Maplewood train station.34/ matters magazine / hearth + home 2023'