b'Matters Hollie Velten and Victoria Adam-son-Bailey of SPACES, an interior design firm in Maplewood. On page 24, read how they helped local residents find answers to their design challenges. Photo by Julia Maloof Verderosa.MAGAZINE TheMagazineofMaplewoodandSouthOrangecontentsVol. 34 Issue 2 Hearth + Home 2023in every issue in this issueHeart of the Matter8 12Making a Home for Music and Loveafter the storm a south orange couple brings life and colorEvents that Matter10 back to a village classicaround the towns18Sharing the Promise of HomeOwnershipWhats New Review10 it starts with educationour newest businesses22The Real Porta-potties of SouthBook Report21 Orange and Maplewoodexplore our story topics with these books relief could be just around the cornerShopping Matters23 24Filling up the Spaces and Makingwhats selling locally it a HomeFood Matters30 an interior design firm helps city folksweeknight meatballs and focacciatransform their soma spacesFinding Home34 32Accessorizing Your Old Homemission accomplished our online community can helpResource Guide37 35Who? What? Where?local sources two artists keep us in the know about local eventsFinal Matters38 35homeward bound12 26Take Matters Magazine with you. Read us online.'