b'With over 100 classes in ourNEW SPRING 2023 catalog,theres something for everyone!Choose fromcreative arts,health & fitness,home & garden,technology, daytrips and muchmore!somadultschool.org Part of the particular joy and satisfaction that one gets out of kickboxing is, according to Connell, the stress release of being able to hit, kick, and punch a bag.973.378.7620openedherownCKOKickboxingdifference over time. We have a say-franchise on January 12, 2013. She wasing here. Kickboxing is my therapy. eight months pregnant at the time, andWell, its cheaper than therapy, Con-thrilled to be owning and operating hernell says, before adding, No one ever own gym for the community. Many ofregrets coming to class.the gym goersConnell estimates 75For many locals, starting the new percentare women, something thatyearoffrightmentally,physically, Connell chalks up to the physicality ofand,hopefullyprofessionallytakes the total body workout, the class sup- time and dedication. Yet just as impor-We keep you smiling! port,andthemuchneededsatisfac- tantly, it all takes motivation. Connell tion of relieving that day-to-day stress.and her 140-pound kickboxing bag are And while she acknowledges that tak- here to encourage folks to believe in ing that first step in a fitness journeythemselves and give something new a can be tough, especially for folks whotry. From working in client services in Everyeffortismadetohave been sedentary for some time, itcorporate events, to drawing in uncer-ensuretheutmostcomfortis the act of simply coming in and do- tain locals who transform into healthy, for each patient. ing what you can that will make all theconfidentindividuals,Connellhas Enjoy a modern professionaltruly found her calling. I get environmentandacaringto help people feel good about staff. themselves. I have seen people lose80to100pounds.They As a former faculty memberallstartedatthesameplace, of Fairleigh Dickinson Dentalbut they come in and during School, Dr. Wisz now devotestheclassestheyaresmiling all her time to private practice. more because they are feeling good.ForConnellandher CKOKickboxinggym,being Wendy Wisz, DMD a positive force on Springfield Avenue has changed many lo-calsapproachtolife,includ-General, Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry ing her own. This is extremely rewarding,shesaysproudly. More rewarding than any cli-ent service I had ever done. 250 Millburn Avenue | Millburn Sara Courtney is a local Maple-973-467-0077 Connell estimates that 75 percent of the gym wood resident and running en-Saturdays and Evenings Available goers are women, chalking it up to the physicalitythusiast. She plans to give kick-On site parking | Convenient location of the total body workout, the class support and the satisfaction of relieving stress. boxing a try.20/ matters magazine / winter 2023'