b'Why I CareMany of our business owners work in caring professions where their job is to help people. Here they tell us how they chose their occupations, the influences or situations that brought them to their present careers and why they enjoy helping others.Read how these qualified practitioners are living their calling.SOUTH ORANGEDENTAL CENTERDr. Haniel Rosemond481 South Orange Avenue, South Orange973-762-2660|southorangedentalcenter.comWHY IM A GENERAL DENTISTI grew up in a family of healthcare providers and wanted to be a dentist from the age of 11. My dentist noticed and always answered my questions when I went in. Ive been in practice for 37 years now and find it rewarding because my work is varied from a technical and academic standpoint. I get to work with my hands, care for familiessometimes multiple generationsand have autonomy. I also like to educate patients because many medical and systemic issues have oral manifestations.30/ matters magazine / winter 2023'