b"Book ReportExplore Matters Magazine'sstory topics with these booksCookies & Milk by Shawn AmosSet in 1976 and written by the son of the Famous Amoscookieempire,thismiddle-gradenovel mines the authors biography for a whimsical sto-ry about a young boy helping his father open the first chocolate-chip cookie store in America, only to encounter one obstacle after another.The Gospel of Wellnessby Rina RaphaelThis provocative exploration into the multi-tril-lion dollar wellness industry asks an important question:Hasthecurebecomeworsethan the disease? Lamenting the uneasy marriage between societal expectations on women and the hyperconsumerist companies that exist to overcome them, Raphael offers an empa-thetic reality check.Lessons in Chemistryby Bonnie GarmusThisbreakoutnovelwasthemostcirculated book at SOPL in 2022, and for good reason: take a 60s-era female scientist in a mans world, force her to host a cooking show on TV, then havehersubverttheformulabyintroducing chemistry to cookingand add an adorable dog as one of its most memorable charactersand youve got an irresistible equation.Paradise Falls: The Story of anIRIS FAMILY CENTER Environmental Catastrophefor Early Childhood Education by Keith OBrien SUPPORTING THE INDIVIDUAL & CREATIVE GROWTH Themodernconservationmovement stands on the shoulders of giants, but this OF EACH CHILD WITHIN A JEWISH SETTING book spotlights a group of ordinary mothers near Niagara Falls who in the 1970s began REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR PRESCHOOL to suspect their children were suffering the CALL FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR dire effects of toxic waste. Their efforts to hold the guilty company accountable, and tobringawarenesstocorporatemalfea-sance, is a shining example of citizen activism.Twinkle Twinkle Winter Nightby Megan Litwin & Nneka MyersThis new retelling of the classic nursery rhyme promises to be a fixture at the librarys story-times for years to come, with its vivid illustra-TODDLER TIME | PRESCHOOL | EXTENDED DAY | SUMMER CAMP tions and pitch-perfect evocations of winter. Please contact Carol Paster, Director, at the Preschool Office973-763-4116 or cpaster@tstinj.org65 Scotland RoadSouth Orange, NJ 07079 432 Scotland Road, South Orange, NJ|www.tsti.org 973-762-0230 | sopl.org22/ matters magazine / winter 2023"