b'MUENCH FAMILY DENTALDr. Kevin Muench140 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood973-763-2221|kevinmuench.comWHY IM A DENTIST I love what I do, who I do it with, and who I do it for! During my career, dentistry has become more intricate and complex as oral health is now an essential part of integrative health. To answer a seemingly simple question about why ones teeth are breaking or cracking starts as a puzzle with a solution that is unique to each individual. I find each case fascinating. The cherry on top is the depth, breadth and significance of the relationships Ive developed over the years.BLUE LIFE KARATEShihan Durand Howard1882 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood908-967-8132|bluelifekarate.comWHY IM A SENSEIWhen I was six years old, my uncle started teaching me karate and it became a part of my life. The lessons helped me develop confidence and self-worth that I desperately needed as someone who was bullied. The training was so life-changing that I decided I wanted to help children as I was helped. In my classes, I teach kids life lessons via karate. We set goals so they can learn their potential and use the skills I teach to deal with real life situations.STUDIO 509Bethany Pettigrew, Guada Bas, and Holly Benge509 Valley Street, Maplewood973-275-0509|studio509fitness.comWHY WE OWN A CERTIFIED GYROTONIC STUDIOGyrotonic is a holistic approach to movement that serves abroad range of clientele. Through this discipline our clients have noticed improvement in their postural alignment, sense of balance, and increased range of motion. They also enjoy enhanced strength and flexibility. This is the essence, philosophy and passion of Studio 509, whether you join us in a private session or in a group class. 32/ matters magazine / winter 2023'