b"Book ReportExplore Matters Magazine'sstory topics with these booksThe Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese Thelong-awaitednewnovelbyAbrahamVerghese followsthreegenerationsofafamilythatsuffersa peculiar affliction: In every generation, at least one per-son dies by drowning. The novel is a hymn to progress in medicine, and a humbling testament to the difficulties undergone by past generations for the sake of those alive today.Children of the State: Stories ofSurvival and Hope in the JuvenileJustice System by Jeff Hobbs Atimely,insightful,andgroundbreakinglookat the school-to-prison pipeline and life in the juve-nile justice system. Through true stories, Hobbs READY TOliant, piercingchallenges any preconceived perceptions about how the system works and demonstrates in bril-prose: No one so young should ever be considered irredeemable.EARN MOREYou Are Loved: A Book About Families by Margaret OHairAbeautifulandinclusivepicturebookabout MONEY FAST? allthedifferentwaystomakeafamily.The sweetandsimplenarrativeandwarmillustra-tionsshowhowfamiliescomeinmanydifferent shapesandformsbuttheyallteachyouhow tobestrongandshowyouhowlovedyouare.Our new Accelerate Savings accounts make every dollar count more by paying higher dividends without the longThe Making of Another Motion Picture Masterpieceterm commitments and minimum balance requirements.by Tom HanksSign up today and give your savings an extra boost! From the legendary actor and best-selling author, a EARN UP TO novel about the making of a star-studded, multimil-3.04 APY * Thisupdatedlion-dollarsuperheroactionfilmandthehumble comicbooksthatinspiredit.Funny,touching,and % wonderfully thought-provoking, it also captures the changesinAmericaandAmericanculturesince World War II.The New York Times Essential Book of Cocktailsby Steve Reddicliffeeditioncontainsmorethan400classic andcontemporarycraftcocktailrecipes,pairedwith essays and home entertaining tips. As the Quiet Drink columnist for The Times, he brings his signature voice and expertise to this collection of delicious recipes from bartenders from around the world, with a special empha-sis on New York City.GardenSavings.org | (973) 576-2000Adult Services: 129 Boyden Avenue | 973-762-1622*Variable rate account. Rate subject to change. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. RateChildren's & Teen Services: 1688 Springfield Avenue | 973-762-1688as of 05/01/2023. 3.04% APY on balances up to $15k and 1% APY on balances overmaplewoodlibrary.org$15,000. Only one Accelerate Savings Account can be opened per membership.16/ matters magazine / summer 2023"