b'VICTORIA CARTERWeichert, RealtorsShort Hills|973-220-3050victoriacarter.comI orchestrated a trip to Lebanon so that 18 of usmy son Alex, my brothers and cousinscould see where my mother and her family grew up and meet relatives still living there. We toured Beirut, the mountains, the CedarsGreetings fromand the ruins. But the best part was going to the house in Jounieh where my mother grew up, which remains in the family to this day. This was more than a vacationit was a journey to our past that let us experience all that we had grown up knowing about. Our family is forever bonded by it.Greetings from DYANNA MOONCompassShort Hills|347-788-9294dyannamoonproperties.comA vacation that stands out for me was a trip to Switzerland and northern Italy. I love water and being surrounded by it made it magical. I took boats whenever I could. Starting in Zurich, I experienced the German flavor of the region. Lake Geneva had a French flair, and in Lugano they spoke Italian. Each place was different and wonderful in its own way and leaving from Lake Como was the perfect ending to my extraordinary adventure.JILL SOCKWELLCompassShort Hills|917-657-8800jillsockwell.comMy daughters and I recently took a five-day trip to Portugal and we packed every moment with making memories. We landed in Lisbon and then set off for cities like Sintra, Porto and Caldas, walking all day longGreetings fromand soaking in the culture: the food, the language, the architecture. It filled me up as did the connectedness I felt with my girls. As I see it, time is a non-renewable commodity, so its important to take time and enjoy it with family. I hope to continue our trips for as long as my daughters will have me. Our next destination? Greece.postcards /23'