b'What the two men had not tried was a full-blown college experience, the sort of program that would allow kids, under careful guidance, to envi-sion themselves on a college campus, fully immersed in its student life.The Kean Scholar Academy is an attempt to do just that.Students in the program have ac-cess to everything the university has to offer. They get a student ID and a pass that allows them entry to all the forth. They even get some dollars ongeon. THbuildings, the athletic venues and soNaomi Abrams would like to be a sur- T HIISSIISSHHOOMMEEtheir card so they can eat lunch the daystheyareoncampus.Theycaning that is not always available when meetwiththeirprofessors.Theyreyoung adults go to college for the first involved in every aspect of the collegetime.Lestersaystheprogramisde-life, Lester says. signedtoallowasmanystudentsas possible to be successful, and, despite some first-year bumps, he is pleased withhowtheprogramhasworkedSusan Blodgett, ABRLuke Blodgett Ginny Spiegel so far. The program had a 90 percentBroker / Sales Associate Sales Associate Sales Associatepass rate. This is what it means to be973-214-4636860-942-2207973-219-8865 Susan.BlodgettLuke.BlodgettVirginia.Spiegel a college administrator, he says. Its@cbmoves.com@cbrealty.com @cbmoves.comSERVICE KNOWLEDGE EXPERTISE 145 Maplewood Ave |Maplewood, NJ | 973-378-8300Matthew Smith has his sights set on pursu-ing architecture.Beyondthat,however,theyare provided with lots of guidance, sup- Davi Francescon, of Maplewood Middle port,andmentoring,thescaffold- School, is interested in graphic design.our responsibility to remove barriers that dont allow them to achieve their dreams.The students attend high school in themorningperiodsonethrough five at CHS. Two afternoons a week theyattendtheirKeanclasses,once a week on the campus of Kean, and once a week virtually from a room at CHS; and they have free periods for studyandmeetingswithprofessors ontheotherdays. TwoSaturdaysa month are also devoted to special pro-gramming at the college focusing on leadership and career exposure; some Robert Hobbs is investigating a career inof these are open to families as well. radiology. In their first two years at Kean, the feature story /15'