b'Students can request any type of help that the Counseling Annex offers from the CHS website by clicking on Counseling and then the Counseling Annex Supports subpage. staff were invited to join and to learnsign up for, ran for 12 weeks at a time, more about the support that would bewith weekly meetings being hosted for offered through the Annex.each group during both the fall and Placing the Annex within the CHSspring terms. library helps to establish its identity asApartfromgroupsessions,the the hub for the resource center. Balas- Annexhasalsohostedworkshops sone says that, during the school year,throughout the year that did not re-a CHS social work intern will be sta- quiresign-ups.Collegeapplication tioned at the desk to the right of theworkshopsranfromSeptemberto CounselingAnnexsmainbulletinDecember.AccordingtoBalassone, board sign, almost like a receptionist,seniors could pop in whenever they to both greet and help guide students.wanted for help.Balassone also explains how studentsAnotherworkshop,theExecu-will be able to approach the Counselingtive Functioning Skills Workshop for Annexs location in the library withoutStudents, met every Thursday during aclear-cutideaofthesupporttheystudents ninth period and after school need or are looking for. The intern willthroughout the school year. The work-be like, all right, lets look at all the op- shophelpedtoteachstudentsskills tions we offer, and talk through thesuch as time management, routine de-multiple services and support systemsvelopment, and the importance of us-available to the student. ing a planner.These services include, but are notA guiding principle of the Counsel-limitedto,student-athletesupporting Annex is its emphasis on working groups, new-student groups, and anxi- with a group. As Hicks explains, group ety support groups. This past schoolsupport means that a student does not year, the groups, which students couldhave to listen to just one person in a The Counseling Annex is located in the rear of the school library and provides aca-demic and social/emotional resources to CHS students.feature story /35'