b'sex counties. The application processareinthefirst,largercohort.Any dives into what the students can offerway you cut it, the 16 are a preco-to Kean, as well as what they can takecious bunch.from it, Lester says. Sharon Chen is interested in bio-ThesixwhoarrivedinlateJunetechnology; Sherry is thinking about fromSouthOrange/Maplewoodaremed school. Two of the six incom-the lucky and talented few chosen foring first-year students say they want this years class. Ten more from SOMAto be architects; another says she is aiming to become a surgeon and a fourth wants to be a radiologist. A fifthisleaningtowardgraphicde-sign and the sixth is worried that she ought to have a career in mind even though she is still figuring out what interests her most in this wide, won-derful world.Seeingthepossibilitiesinthat Essa McGowan, from South Orangeworld is, in the end, the point. Middle School, is undecided when itCounselorFlemingdescribesStudents take a break from orientation for comes to a future career. the experience she had when she at- the Kean Scholar Academy.way. Last years inaugural class was in- tended a function in one of Keans vited to apply. But when word got outsparkling new buildings, with wide about the program, parents objected.windows that look over a bustling campus and its equally busy neighborhood. So, this year, says Fleming, the pro- Leaving South Orange and Maplewood for the nearby campus shows stu-gram was open to all. In the end, near- dents that theres a whole big world out there and Im a part of it. ly30eighthgradersappliedfortheTia Swanson, who would have enjoyed life as a perpetual student, thought she would few spots available; this years class haslike to take a class or two at Kean after stepping into the gorgeous new business build-60 students from 13 different schoolsExecutive Director Jason Lester takes on aing, a stones throw from a Starbucks and with a brand new housing complex nearby.coach-like demeanor with the students as in Passaic, Essex, Union and Middle- he guides them through orientation.Ive joined Compass!Heres how joining Compass willallow me to provide you with thebest possible service:Cutting-edge TechnologyWith intelligent Compass technology, I am empowered to collaborate with you, monitor the market in real time, and help you make informed decisions. Time-saving tech also means I can spend more one-on-one time with you throughout your transaction.Lets connect to discuss your real estate goals.CAMILLE ESTRELLA Camille is definitely the knowledgeable, go getter and positive realtor that you need on your side. She is very professional, assertive, responsible, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson hard worker and absolutely plays no games. She brings her clients to the M: 973-932-5637 O: 973-310-6816 closing table! You will not regret having her represent you. -Nancy C.camille@camilleestrella.comliinks.co/camilleestrellafeature story /17'