b'2022-2023Matters School GuideSee what our area schools have to offerSCHOOL/LOCATION CONTACT AGES ABOUT THE SCHOOL EARLY & PRIVATE EDUCATIONAcademy of St Elizabeth Jean O. Jackson Girls, Grades 9 - 12 The Academys powerful combination of an innovative college 2 Convent Road Admissions preparatory program and personalized attention allows students Convent Station 973-290-5200 to grow academically, spiritually and socially. The combination aosenj.org of rigorous academics, AP courses, STEM, 10 varsity sports and over 25 clubs and organizations makes the Academy a leader in providing a premier education.Far Brook School Emi Ithen Co-ed, Nursery -Far Brooks progressive approach integrates science, math, lit-52 Great Hills Road Director of Enrollment Grade 8 eracy, technology, and art, harnessing childrens innate curiosity Short Hills Management as a powerful ally in deep and joyful learning. Children explore 973-379-3442 the natural world on 9.5 wooded acres. A richly diverse com-farbrook.org munity with a commitment to social justice creates a supportive and stimulating environment for learning.Montclair CooperativePhilip FerraraEarly Ages - Grade 8Montclair Cooperative School keeps children at the center of Director of Enrollment school life and engages parents in their childrens education. At School Management the heart of its progressive approach is the belief that children 65 Chestnut Street 973-783-4955 thrive in an environment that honors individuality and commu-Montclair philipf@montclaircoop.org; nity, self and others. The unique value of our school lies in the montclaircoop.org partnership between students, families, and teachers, contribut-ing to the life of the school in ways that benefit all who enter. Mount St. DominicDr. Christopher KennedyGrades 9 - 12 Mount St. Dominic Academy is a college prep school for young Hamptonwomen, built on the foundation of the Dominican pillars of Academy Head of School study, prayer, mission, and community. Through a unique blend 3 Ryerson Avenue msdacademy.org of tradition, faith and innovation, Mount students from diverse Caldwell ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds are nurtured by a faculty that knows how girls learn best, provided with compel-ling academics, athletics, arts, service and co-curriculars, and empowered to be themselves on their journey of self-discovery.Saint Rose of Lima Tina UnderwoodGrades Pre-K - 8 St Rose of Lima Academy provides an academic environment 52 Short Hills Avenue Principal where moral values, service to others, and a positive self-image Short Hills 973-379-3973 are developed, successfully preparing students to face the srlacademy.org challenges they will confront throughout their lives. Students are educated spiritually and intellectually, integrating Catholic truths with personal values and morals. South Mountain NatureMary Clair SonnemanAges 2 - 8 South Mountain Nature School offers Forest Kindergarten, For-Director est Preschool, Caregiver & Child Class, After School Class, and School973-219-2392 Summer Camp in the South Mountain Reservation. Its nature A Forest School in Southsouthmountainnatureschool. immersion curriculum is taught by Cedarsong Way-certified and Mountain Reservationcom NJ State-certified teachers. Classes help develop a deep con-nection with nature and inspire cooperative play.38/ matters magazine / school 2022'