b"Music LoverIt is awesome being back at music lessons. I've missed jamming with my friends.At So i Heard, I have so much fun perfecting a new guitar riff with my instructor, learning music production software, or playing with my friends at an open mic night.I am excited to start lessons when I return to school in September!So i Heard Music10A E. Willow Street, Millburn973-232-5111soiheardmusic.comExperimental ArtistThere's a first time for everything and at Oh! Canary there are a lot of firsts. Like painting with a plunger instead of a brush. It's a pretty cool way to make shapes and doing it makes some funny noises. I'm not sure what I've made heremaybe a bunch of grapes. Now I'm thinking of all the other things I can use to create art. Is there a broom anywhere?Lacey Buccellato, Oh! Canary165B Valley Street, South Orange973-343-5452ohcanary.comDinosaur ExpertShow me a picture of a dinosaur and I'll name it. Triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, I know them all. So when it comes to toys, dinosaurs are what I want to play with. That's why Sparkhouse Toys is my go-to place. Last time I went there I saw puzzles, little dino figures, picture books, Legos, plush dinosaurs, and riding sticks. My parents said to choose one toy so I picked a tube of mini dinosaurs. Can't wait to play with them! Michael Casaren, Sparkhouse Toys9 Village Plaza, South Orange973-821-5227@sparkhousetoyskids' space/25"