b'Back to School,Back to the Dinner TableThese stuffed shells are packed with flavorBY OLIVIA MACK MCCOOLT heres nothing quite like the distinct feeling of back to school.below are here to make new memoriesof a filling packed with not only flavor Even as an adult I can still vividly remember the excitement sur- but also two different vegetables and a creamy homemade tomato sauce. The rounding school shopping and the anticipation of new schedulesrecipe is baked right in the pan you cook everything in, and beyond that all you and surroundings. Its also a time of getting organized after a longneed to dirty is a pot to boil the pasta shells. Im very fond of cookware that can lazy summer. The value of a family dinner eaten together seems totransition easily from stovetop to oven and then eventually as a serving piece be brought back into focus as everyones lives start to revolve onceon the table. Homemade is great but fewer dishes to wash is even betterthis again around the school day. Something about stuffed shells bakingrecipe has both. in the oven fits in perfectlyespecially as the evenings start to get crisper.If youre like me and you would find great joy in making this ahead and leav-Maybe the words stuffed shells dont conjure up the fondest food memoriesing just the assembling and oven time for right before dinner, below are all the for you. The renditions I ate in my childhood often were swimming in a substeps that can be done in advance. par jarred sauce and featured a pretty bland cheese filling. But the stuffed shellsBoil the shells. Drain and drizzle with a tiny bit of oil so they dont stick.Make the filling in its entirety.Make the sauce and leave it right in the pan.Shred the remaining mozzarella cheese.1 to 2 hours before dinner, assemble the dish and bake!26/ matters magazine / school 2022'