b'REGISTER NOW silo in [an] office, which may happen if students go to speak with their guid-FOR FALL CLASSESance counselor. Come Dance Classes for Preschool- Adult Its a little bit more of a communityBalletWorld Styles than just kind of feeling like youre an dance TapMusical Theater individual going because youre havingJazzPointe ContemporaryAcro an individual problem, Hicks says.with Modern (Horton)Turns & Progressions BalassoneexplainsthatattheHip HopStretch & TechniqueCounselingAnnex,sherecognizes us! that not every student seeking support has the same comfort level. Some stu-dents may not be willing to go to the physical location of the Annex itself, or TheConceptsDanceAcademy.com they may feel uncomfortable workingSocial work supervisor Jennifer Easton is through issues with a group of theirpart of the staff responsible for bringing the Counseling Annex to CHS.peers.Balassoneandhercolleagues Hicks and Easton want to make the Annex accessible from any angle. Therealkickerthatwetriedto make really easy is that you can requestNavigating the Winter Blues, focus-anytypeofsupportthattheAnnexing on seasonal affective disorder. creativegives right on this little Google form,And with the new school year rap-Balassone says.idlyapproaching,newplansforthe passionate TheformislocatedontheCHSAnnex have started. Counseling website under the Coun- I have ideas for groups, but strug-inspired selingAnnexSupportssubpage.Ifagle with naming [them], Hicks jokes. student does not have time to go toOne solidified idea Hicks has for the confidentthe library, if parents want to seek helpupcoming school year is a tour group for their child, or even if [a students] Tourtasticto help the new stu-neighborthought[thatthey]lookeddents at CHS, including the freshman sad on [their] front step the other day,class.Hicksexplainsthatthegroup they could go on here and say they arewill consist of current students giving requesting that someone check in withtours to new students throughout the FINDthis student, says Balassone. school year. The student will not only YOUR Once the form is filled out by, orbeatourguidebutalsoafriendto The Mount for, a student, a social work intern willthose they meet, exchanging numbers Empowering Young thenasktospeakwiththestudentwith the new students and becoming Women Since 1892 briefly during class and work with thea mentor for their tour group for the student to see when they would be ablenext eight weeks.If she can see it, she can be it. to schedule a meeting with someoneYoull have a connection through-attheCounselingAnnex,ifdesired,outatleastthefirstsemesterwith Attend our Open House and see for or let them know more details aboutsomebody you can talk to, Hicks says yourself what the Mount means to our workshops that they may be interestedabout new students who choose to take students, faculty, and families. in attending.part in the program.Register Today!The form also provides a link to theWhile the Counseling Annex seeks Annexs full calendar, which includesto address mental health struggles and Open Housethe daily agendas for different supportgeneral student welfare, Balassone em-groupsandthedatesofupcomingphasizes that the Annex is not only for workshopscounseling. The Annex can also be a October 5|October 23 The Annex extends itself into theresource for students everyday needs, www.msdacademy.org/register larger CHS community by providingsuch as tutoring. As September draws parentworkshopsandinformationalnear, Balassone hopes that the Annex evening programs. Parent Academy, abecomesmoreofanintegralpartof Counseling Annex and Parenting Cen- CHS students experience. Says she, I terpartnership,consistsofmonthlywant to get the word out more. A Private College Prep School for Girls virtual-teachableTuesdaysforpar- CassandraRatkevichgraduatedfrom entsandguardians.LastDecember,CHSinJuneof2022andisattend-3 Ryerson Avenue, Caldwell, NJ | 973.226.0660for example, the Annex worked withing the Medill School of Journalism at Community Care & Justice of SouthNorthwestern University in the fall. Orangetopresentaprogramcalled 36/ matters magazine / school 2022'