b'Get to Know Ibi Zoboi Ask Carol .HOW CAN I FIND MORE SPACE FORIbi Zoboi lives in Maplewood with her husband and threeWORKING AND SCHOOLING FROM HOME?children, two daughters and a son. Regarding raising a Black son, she says, I dont fear for his safety. Im here in Maplewood. I want to believe that he can* 75% of the current walk to his friends house with all the Black Lives Matter signsNYCworkforce must work from home?around town. So, there is caution, but there isnt fear.But could Amals story happen here? Her book talks of skate parks and basketball courts, of this side of town and the* 70% ofNJschool districts are MEDITATION other side of town. remote-learning from home?nk paper ntsI had folded a piece of bla ic waist of my pa It could be any town, Zoboi says. But she adds that, yes, id it behind the elast nto my cell it could absolutely happen here in Maplewood.and sl h me iI took two pencils wit ights-out Carols team has helped many buyers find And I have a few minutes before its l Maplewood is a little more segregated than I expected,their dream home, and owners sell their so I start with her nameZenobia she admits, describing her experience with AP honorshome in a weekend, over asking price.courses at Columbia High School, and upper middle The words dont come ners class families interacting with families who come fromASK HOW SHE CAN HELP YOU.le along the cor tcurlicues and flowers and pret y shapes Irvington.I doodand I start with a letterI The gaps are much wider than a school in a gentri-Carol V. FardinBut the words still dont come fied neighborhood of Brooklyn, she says. Keller Williams Midtown Direct Realtyrite out her namein c 917.450.8843 o 973.762.5400So I w cvfardin@kw.comover and over and over agacvfproperties.comEach office independently owned and operatedZ ZenZenobiaAnd then meTo Find Out Morethe letters in her nabecomelight and dark lines READ Punching the Air, by that become the COUNTING GAME Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated Five, avail-One count ofable from your local book-6/25/20 10:18 AMattempted murder with a deadly weaponthat I g The prosecutor had to prove store.nd sw rabbed my skateboarda ung it at his head LISTEN to Punching the Air, PunchingAir txt des6 CC17.indd 175 and tried to kill himBut Clyde got that first charge reduced to read by actor Herisse, who t aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon played a young Yusef Salaam in hat I g The prosecutor had to prove Ava DuVernays Netflix series, nd sw rabbed my skateboard When They See Us.a ung it at his headwhen his DNA wasnt even on it so Clyde got it reduced to WATCH the extraordinary, one count offour-part series When They See Us, aggravated assault and battery available on Netflix.JOIN Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam for their presentation at the Maple-wood Ideas Festival on Thursday, October 15 at 7 p.m. Check the Maplewood Ideas Festival website (maplewoodlibrary.org/ideas-festival) 35for updates and links.PunchingAir txt des6 CC17.indd 356/25/20 10:17 AMfeature story /13'