b"CONNECTING THROUGH CONVERSATIONAs a social media marketing agency that helps small businesses and nonprofits connect to their community, we watch and listen to current trends and conversations. This helps us guide our clients to be a part of the right dialogues. When the virus became a reality, conversations shifted. Rather than running our clients' scheduled content, we rewrote much of it to better connect, provide information, offer help and showcase new and changed services. Our clients appeared strong as they engaged online with their audiences in deep and meaningful ways. JESSICA MAAREKRED ROOT MARKETING25 Grove Avenue, Verona 973-650-0960|redrootmarketing.comCARING FOR MY CLIENTS DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES I was determined to keep my business open, so I could continue doing what I love. It took creativity to figure out how I could meet my customer's needs when they couldn't come into the store. I'd pick up art from people's homes and call them with concepts or show them ideas via FaceTime. Sometimes we'd communicate by phone while they stayed outside of the store. And I delivered items or put them outside the door.I'm so grateful to my clients for supporting me.DAYANA MORENOMONA LISA FRAMING7 Highland Place, Maplewood When you are my client, what is important to you973-762-2777 |monalisaframing.comis what is important to me. Buying or selling, even renting or investing, are life-changing experiences and I keep this top of mind. When I sense my client is feeling stress or hesitation, I try to refocus on the original goals they communicated to me to make sure they are still top of mind. It makes an impression - people aren't used to feeling personal support in a business relationship. But my concern is genuine. I want to do what is right for my clients and I think they notice.ANN LASKOWSKICOLDWELL BANKER REALTY145 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 917-586-3018|laskowskiandco.com32/ matters magazine / fall 2020"