b"Finding HomeWorking with Susan BlodgettBY ELLEN DONKERJackie Shoeffel and Manasseh Langtimm with their children, Lucy and Jones.F ormanypeoplewhopursueaca- The relocation benefit was set to expire on Christmas reer in a different part of the coun- Day. She looked to Blodgett to help close the deal and try, home eventually beckons. Jackieby December 23, she was the proud owner of her first Schoeffel had lived in Portland, ORhome. The family moved in on New Years Eve. for seven years as a designer for NikeNow that Schoeffel has been in the house for when she started feeling the nudge.close to a year, she says she appreciates how it was A native of Queens, she longed to re- thoughtfully updated while retaining many of the turn to the East coast. She and her partner, Manassehoriginal fixtures and details, including stained glass Langtimm, have two children: Jones and Lucy, nowwindows and thick moldings. And the rooms are 4-1/2 and 1-1/2 years old, and it just seemed rightgreat sense of community along with solid schools. spacious, allowing her and Langtimm to work com-to live near family. UsingNikesrelocationservices,Schoeffelwasfortably from home. Nike agreed to relocate Schoeffel, and the fam- matchedwithrealtorSusanBlodgettlastAugustSchoeffel is grateful that they settled in before the ily settled temporarily in a fourth-floor walkup inand it couldnt have been a better pairing, Schoeffelpandemic hit, because it gave them the time to meet Park Slope, Brooklyn while they decided where tosays. We all hit it off with Susan. She was so sweetneighbors who reached out as soon as they moved land. With an office near the South Street Seaport, aand patient. She showed us everything within ourin. She says, I still feel like Ive come hometheres reasonable commute was important to her. She alsobudget. She quickly learned what we were lookinga certain warmth here that I havent gotten in the wanted some of the elements that Portland offered,for. Although they had a checklist, says Schoeffel,East before.like a community-oriented neighborhood, access toBlodgett was able to understand what items wereLangtimm has been busy landscaping the prop-parks and outdoor activities and a similar politicalpriorities versus nice to have.erty, and the couple has added some upgrades. For a alignment. Blodgett attended open houses and then emailedvariety of contractors they relied on Blodgett. Shes They had looked in Westchester for a hot minuteSchoeffel about which ones to visit on the weekend.given us every recommendation that weve [needed]. before setting their sights on Maplewood. SeveralThey worked well together, says Schoeffel, becauseThats been very helpful, says Schoeffel. acquaintances had recommended it as a place with aBlodgett is very open, very honest. Shell tell youEven at the age of 4, their son Jones seems to ap-what she likes. This helped them narrow down thepreciate their new space. Hes taken to naming the possibilities.rooms. Remembering his old fire escape in Park Slope Focusing on homes with traditional floor plansthat he called his little back yard, he recently looked and charm, Schoeffel made offers on two houses be- outofhiswindowand fore she found the right one. The third homeadeclared what a big back four-bedroom on Oakland Road that was a recentyardhenowhad.And flipwas where they would settle. Schoeffel says shewhatelsecouldalittle knew that the house was for them when she lookedboy want? out a window and saw children playing. That kind of scene conjures up the reality shed like her kids to enjoy, where they grow up in a close-knit neighbor- Realtor Susan Blodgett hood, make friends, and are known by others.helped Jackie Schoeffel Jackie Schoeffel and family moved into their Oaklandfind the perfect home for At this point, Schoeffel was running out of time.her family.Road house this past New Year's Eve.open house /37"