b"FACE MY PROBLEMS HEAD ONI started a driving nanny business in January after tirelessly working on it for a full year. I was told the hurdles to start a business like this were too high but I kept moving forward. Ten weeks into our launch, after hitting our growth targets, we had to shut down because of COVID-19. Although temporarily closing seemed horrible, it forced me to focus on the operations and funding that will make the business easier to operate when I relaunch. I'm grateful to have been able to see the positive amid the difficulties. REBECCA LOCKKIDCABOOMaplewood 973-996-5692|kidcaboo.comOUR DEVOTED TEAM BE ADAPTABLE I teach comedic improvisation to kids. During COVID, when it became clear that I wouldn't be able to teach my classes indoors and that the spaces I rented would be closed for a while, I had to find another way. In the spring I taught online, and in the fall, I decided to build a classroom in my back yard! I built a stage, ordered flooring and a canopy, collected used rugs, accumulated plenty of disinfectant and opened up for classes. Once cold weather comes, I'll adapt again. It's what I do.LULU FRENCHROCKET IMPROVMaplewood We've had to adjust our business model about a halflulufrench@rocketimprovcomedy.com|rocketimprovcomedy.comdozen times since we shut down on March 17, in order to meet customer needs and evolving safety protocols. My team has made it happen. They have learned to adjust to a business that went from 100 percent counter service to a new online ordering system delivered curbside, changing hours, reduced staff and more. We're also grateful to our wonderful customers who have adapted with us through the changes.JULIE PAULYTHE ABLE BAKER 187 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 973-313-1133|theablebaker.com28/ matters magazine / fall 2020"