b"LISTENING TO A CLIENT'S STORYAs a landscape designer, I approach a new project by having conversations with the client about its qualitative aspects. Usually there's a story behind why they called me and listening to it helps me understand what inspires them, what their hopes are for the space, and how they want to feel when they're using it. Although this step takes time, it gives me a clear feeling for what they want, and the next steps of design and construction go fast. Translating a client's vision is very satisfyingboth for me and them.SUZANNE NUTTSUZANNE NUTT LANDSCAPESMaplewood|New York City |East Hampton 201-452-1459|snlandscape.comROLL WITH THE PUNCHES ADAPT TO THE TIMESWhen the pandemic hit, I was determined to adapt my business so I could stay open and continue to do what I love in a community that has become my family. I upgraded my website for e-commerce and expanded my merchandise of women's clothing and jewelry to include home goods, men's gifts, even spices. The store has always been an extension of me so I carry items that I love and use myself. Now I offer free local delivery, in-store pickup, and shippinganything to make it easier for my customers. KIMAYA SALASKARKIMAYA KAMA168 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood The only thing that you can count on in this world973-762-2385 |kimaya.comis that nothing stays the same. If youre not prepared to pivot on a dime, things can get ahead of you very quickly. Since closures from a pandemic had never happened to any of us before, we treated it like a free dance. We made it up as we went along. Fortunately, we could deliver training, fitness and dance virtually from day one. As the world has inched back to normal, weve slowly added our services, following all guidelines to a tee. Its all just bobbing and weaving. HOLLY BENGE, GUADA BAS & BETHANY PETTIGREWSTUDIO 509 FITNESS509Valley Street, Maplewood 973-275-0509|studio509fitness.com26/ matters magazine / fall 2020"