b"we very proudly won a Peabody award for [our coverage of] Bridgegate in 2014.TheBridgegatere-portingworkbySolo-monsteamprovidesa snapshotofhowSolo-mon has excelled as an editor,reporter,and mentortorisingradio reporters.Withthen-governor ChrisChristieatthe helmofNewJersey, SolomonhiredMatt Nancy Solomon hired Matt Katz, whose first assignmentKatz,whoatthetime was to ask Governor Christie about Bridgegate. Photowas reporting on Chris-courtesy of WYNC. tieforthePhiladelphia Inquirer.The Stephanie Mallios Teamand in the world. For his first assignment on Solomons OriginallyfromGreaterBoston,team, Katz was sent to a Christie press Solomon began working in public ra- conference.Literally,hisfirstassign-dio at KLCC in Eugene, Oregon in thement was to ask about Bridgegate, saysm: 201.404.1972 | stephanie@teammallios.commid-nineties. In 2001, she relocated toSolomon.[Matt]hadaprettygood South Orange and has lived in the tworelationship with Christie at the time. 1200 Morris Turnpike, Suite 3005townseversince.SolomoncurrentlyMatt asks the question, and [Christie]Short Hills, NJ 07078 | o: 973.310.6816livesinMaplewoodwithherwife,gives the cones and the hat response, Becky Rosenfeld, who works for thewhich is just radio gold. But thats what Legal Aid Society of New York City.blewthewholethingupbecausewe They have three kids: Lewis, 23, Sa- had been on it and wed been covering sha,16, and Lazlo, 12, as well as Opal, their dog, who Solomon describes as the most important member of the family.WhenSolomonarrivedinNew Jersey, she began by working as a free-lancer for NPR. She had been plan-ning her move back east for about a year. I was paying attention and lis-tening to what was on NPR from New Jersey,andIrealizedtherewasvery little, she recalls. I had a suspicion that New York reporters didnt really want to cover New Jersey, and Phila-delphia reporters didnt really want to cover New Jersey, and that it was go-ing to be wide open and for the taking when I arrived. And that turned out to be exactly right. Nancy Solomon's charge at New Jersey ShewasthenhiredtomanagePublic Radio, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WNYC, is to cover stories throughout NJPR.Itevolvedintomanagingathe state. Photo credit: Jamie Meiernews team in the WNYC newsroom that was focused on New Jersey, saysit, but it really wasnt getting traction Solomon. When I first arrived, it wasandpiercingpeoplesconsciousness. just me, and I was reporting, raisingAnd when Christie said that, from then money, and working to create a way toon, it was a mad dash. It was the top be able to hire reporters. At our peakstory for a year and a half.we had worked up to about four re- Christies infamous gaffeI was in porters. We built up a robust team andoveralls and a hat, but I was actually feature story /15"