b'LISTENING STAY CALM UNDER PRESSURE My past career as a motion picture senior vice president prepared me for success in real estate. I was the rare female executive in the industry and I learned how to be an expert negotiator and stay calm under pressure. My clients appreciate that about me. Real estate is a pressured profession but I\'m not an alarmist. I get my clients what they need, smoothing bumps in the road with my problem-solving skills.SUSAN BLODGETTCOLDWELL BANKER REALTY145 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood I help clients transform their spaces and create an973-214-4636 |Susan.Blodgett@cbmoves.comorganized life. It\'s something that comes naturally to me. I thrive on helping families use their spaces more effectively, especially now that we\'re all working and schooling from home. When I meet with a client, I make sure to listen closelyasking them about their goals and challengesso I can design spaces infused with personality, and create order that can be maintained. I want my tagline, "tidy ways, easy days," to be true for them.ESE CROSSETTTIDYLOSOPHYMaplewood 484-751-2122 |tidylosophy.comFINDING MY BALANCEI help women regain pelvic health and wellness and operated primarily out of our newly constructed wellness center in New York City. Then the pandemic hit, and with everyone home, most of my business shifted to New Jersey. That is where I\'ve decided to commit most of my time. I\'ve realized it gives me a better work/family balance and, in the end, helps me be a better physical therapist, helping women address prenatal and postpartum pelvic issuesa topic that is often not addressed.STACEY FUTTERMAN TAURIELLO5 POINT PHYSICAL THERAPY & WELLNESS187 Millburn Avenue, Suite 101, Millburn 212-226-2066|5pointpt.comresilient & brilliant /35'