b'Visit kidcaboo.com to sign up to receive info about our upcoming launchand more.the safest transportation for your kids when life gets in the wayThe safety and security of our riders and Driving Nannies is our priority. Now, were getting ready to roll - putting the finishing touches on the cutting-edge technology behind this protection. Visit our website to learn more and for info about our service, to sign up for updates and join our waitlist. Parents with free time, teachers, nannies, grad students and college seniors, Kidcaboo is seeking qualified Driving Nannies around northern NJ for late summerandfallstartdates. Hiring willcontinue year-round. Wehope youllconsiderjoiningus should you become available in the future. Kidcaboo offers growth opportunities, flexible and short-duration work, competitive pay, a positive company culture and, soon, optional benefits for many. The application will be available on our Driving Nanny App when its released. For now, to apply, please visit kidcaboo.com.the rideshare service for kids2/ matters magazine / school 2021'