b'it off. She plans to reveal a new theme every two months when she will invite residents to place their art in the Art Gallery. Matters Magazine is honored to announce the theme for August/September, Back to the Future, with the following prompt:"What does the future of going back to the classroom, the workplace or even new beginnings look like? Will everything go back to a new normal? This is a theme that is only seen from your perspective, so anything goes. How you interpret back to the future is up to you and yourimagina-tion.Havefun withtheidea andletyour creativitygo big while keep-ing the artwork small.Sogo ahead and give it a go. All art-workonthisThe gallery features a description of the upcom-ing theme. For August/September, it\'s "Back to the A peak inside the gallery reveals a number of differ- themewillbeFuture."ent pieces of artwork. Passers-by enjoy seeing how itdisplayedfrom changes from day to day. Augustthrough3 x 4 and can be two- or three-dimensional; they September."should be handmade using whatever materials one On July 14, VanDusen installed the library onArtpiecesenjoys working with.her front lawn534 Summit Avenue in MaplewoodshouldbenoOne day, this origami piece showedYou can follow the Free Little Art Gallery on Ins-up in the gallery, mounted on its veryusing small works from friends and family to kicklargerthanown pedestal. tagram @artbox.534 or visit artboxindustries.com. Brave.BrillianT.BeginningS.Shapes become letters.Goodbyes become smiles.Teachers become partners.Doubt becomes discovery.The preSchool aTwww.kentplace.org/admissionfeature story /33'