b"Matters Vivian and Aleksa paint their own fairy wings at an Oh! Canary birthday party. Photo by Regina Eckert.MAGAZINE TheMagazineofMaplewoodandSouthOrangecontentsVol. 32 Issue 5School 2021in every issue in this issueThe Jobs of Summer10 14Solving a Conundrumthey'll have value past august a chs student collaboration creates a video-game Events that Matter12 hitaround the towns18Taking Artand Community VirtualBook Report22 the newark museum of art not only survived the explore matters magazine's pandemic, it thrivedstory topics with these books 24Kids' SpaceFinding Home23 a look at our kid-friendly businessesworking with victoria carter 28Saying Goodbye to One of theShopping Matters36 Bestfamily shopping beloved chs teacher jon campbell retires afterResource Guide44 25 yearslocal sources 32Make Art. Leave Art. Take Art.Final Matters46 maplewood resident creates a new kind ofmy vinyl life with the stereo kids art gallery34Parents Go Back to Schoolnew language program teaches more than just 32 14 english37School & Enrichment Guideour guide to early and private education, music, 18 art, and enrichment options28 40Into the Wild Blue Yonderhow the soma community helped one young man find his wings Take Matters Magazine 8/ matters magazine / school 2021 with you. Read us online."